Marketing Solutions for: Office Evolution

Growing revenue for a promising coworking space post-COVID and becoming one of the top-performing franchisee locations in the U.S.


Website Design & Development Consulting, SEO Audit & Management, Social Media Management, Google Search Advertising & Management, Facebook/Instagram Advertising & Management, Data & Analytics, and Ongoing Strategic Management


● From 51st to 3rd Franchisee Organic Search Traffic Share● 146% Increase in Engagements● 300% Increase in Organic Search● 1351% Increase in Brand Visibility

The Brief

Office Evolution Clark is a beautiful and modern coworking office space in Northern NJ, offering flexible rental packages for private offices, conference rooms, virtual offices, and coworking spaces.
Following the reopening of the office space post-Covid, Office Evolution came to us with an urgent and critical need: fill our 34+ office spaces, grow revenue with new memberships, and rebuild the local professional working community.
The challenge was the fluidity of the work-from-home culture and continued health concerns from prospective members. We needed to refill available office spaces in a new and quickly changing corporate world. Challenge accepted.

The Solution

We knew that Office Evolution needed an integrative approach to increase inbound marketing, leads, and revenue in the new work culture. We identified several opportunities to unify messaging, highlight the benefits, improve the user experience, increase awareness & visibility, and drive business value to targeted audiences.
After several audits, market research, and strategy discussions, we developed and launched a full-year integrated marketing plan designed to increase relevant leads, drive revenue, and maximize the existing marketing platforms and channels.

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User Experience & Value Proposition

Setting the Stage for all future interactions

We saw an important opportunity to improve the user experience, story-telling, and discoverability of the website. By improving the narrative, differentiation, and value proposition with a layer of technical search engine research & optimizations, we transformed each page of the website into a high-conversion marketing funnel. The website now serves as the central marketing hub for all promotional tactics capable of guiding each visitor to the desired action, becoming an Office Evolution member. 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting to the 1st page in Google Search

Creating a sustainable and long-term inbound marketing engine was at the center of our search engine optimization strategy. By identifying the leading keywords that are relevant to Office Evolution and its targeted users, we informed the technical copywriting and story-telling. This strategy combined with other SEO best practices, answering FAQs, and a more technical web page structure will ensure long-term visibility and discoverability in search engines, driving leads for years to come. We saw an immediate boost in traffic after implementing this strategy. In just 2 short months, Office Evolution benefitted from a 300% increase in organic traffic to the newly optimized website.  


Content Marketing

Delivering value and building trust

A key strategic workflow to Office Evolution's success was the monthly content marketing strategy. By leveraging our AI-powered SEO content workflow tools, we were able to identify questions and topics relevant to our target audience and write extremely well-optimized content that is engaging and ranks high on search engines. A strong content marketing strategy also plays an important role in supporting the social media editorial calendar and content pipeline across all marketing channels. Building engaging, valuable, and high-ranking content keeps both the search engine crawlers and our target audiences coming back to the website!

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Social Media Management

Engaging the local workforce and community

Our social media experts helped Office Evolution create brand awareness and new potential customers on Instagram, Facebook, and Google My Business. Through our social media management, graphic design expertise, and integrated marketing plan, we were able to create memorable experiences. We created and promoted high-quality content, important sales promotions and announcements, and attracted both the local community and work-from-home audience.

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Search Engine Advertising

Direct advertisements for direct conversions

Implementing monthly changes in advertisements and promotions helped us further drive interest, increasing web traffic. Our continued assessment of campaign and SEO efficacy meant we were able to reduce the CPA and CPC for Office Evolution’s search engine advertising.  

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Social Media Advertising

Leveraging social presence for max ROI

Office Evolution Clark had a strong existing online presence that just needed some updates, so social media advertising was our first approach to increasing revenue. We used our optimized social media advertising campaigns to offer the same great monthly promotions and to create stronger brand awareness within the target audience. We continued to monitor data from these campaigns to continuously adapt our social media advertising strategy to OE’s target audience’s needs and interests. We achieved greater traffic and conversions while reducing the CPC budget and generating more organic traffic through social media channels, and we helped them step up to the challenges of a changing professional world.

The Results in Numbers

51st to 3rd

Increase in franchise rank based on organic search traffic share


 Increase in engagements


 Increase in total organic search traffic


 Increase in brand  visibility & awareness

"The Splurge team is outstanding! Communication was exceptional and professional. Rather than being the “expert”, the team approaches things as your partner. Listening to your needs and working collaboratively with your team is the key to their success. We are beyond thrilled with his work and in a few short months have seen a noticeable and positive change to our business."

Dianna K, Operations Manager, Office Evolution


Since we began working with Office Evolution to explore their digital marketing needs, they’ve continued to scale the business and meet bigger financial targets. They are now well equipped with a uniform and recognizable brand & messaging across all customer touchpoints. We used market research, data monitoring, and collaboration with the business and its existing strengths to build a better business for tomorrow. From May to August of 2021, OE Clark has enjoyed an increase of 1,351% of Total Awareness (impressions & reach) and an increase of 146% of Total Engagements (clicks, likes, comments, shares, form submissions, chat messages, etc.) and is quickly becoming one of the most frequently visited Office Evolution franchise pages within the national OE franchise. Office Evolution Clark is well-positioned to remain a local industry leader for years to come. 

  • Market & Industry Research

  • Web Design & Development Consulting

  • SEO Audit & Management

  • Social Media Management

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising & Management

  • Social Media Advertising & Management

  • Reporting & Ongoing Strategic Management

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