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Digital Advertising Service

Drive more leads, sales, and revenue with PPC management services for small businesses on Google and Bing.

PPC management services for small business

On a daily basis, your target customers are being bombarded with unwanted advertisements.

But when your offer can touch on a real pain point, your advertisement can appear as large as the webpage itself.

Splurge invests in minimum waste PPC campaign management that delivers enticing messages to your needing potential customers, and drives those customers back to your site, ready to buy.

  • High-consideration website visits from your target customers

  • Improved brand awareness and brand visibility

  • More sales and revenue with a lower conversion rate and cost per action

$10.81 Cost per lead from Google Ads for Little Friends Pet Sitting

In 2021, Splurge partered with Little Friends Pet Sitting ( to design and execute an integrated marketing strategy that included PPC advertising.

    54% Decrease in Advertising Cost
    4,965 Clicks from Google in 3 months
    $0.48 Cost per Click Average
    72 Leads Generated Every Month from Ads

I really can't say enough about this company, the owner and our account reps. They truly partner with us, not only as a third party marketing team, but as a 'team member' with our company. They share in our goals and desires; live, breath and dream of reaching our goals. Thanks Splurge!!!

- Terry Richardson, Owner, Little Friends Pet Sitting


Search Ads that Make an Impact

Precise Keyword Research

Advanced keyword analytics help turn your hard earned dollars into a zero-waste, high-converting advertising strategy for your business. 

    Attract customers with commercial search intent
    Augment click-through rates with accurate copywriting that sells
    Reach target customers in your community

Consumer-Centric Ad Campaigns

Your business revolves around your customers, so why shouldn’t your advertising? We use cutting-edge, consumer-centric strategies to draw your audience to your site.

    Speak your customer's language by appearing in relevant keyword searches 
    Meet your customers on the search engines they actually use
    Limit your advertisements to cities where purchasing intent is highest

Measurement and Reporting

Advertising is never a “one-and-done” effort, and the perfect search engine marketing campaign does not exist. We strive to optimize performance for each channel, on an ongoing basis, to maximize profit potential for every search ad and online marketing campaign.

    Maintain a transparent view on your search advertisements and display ads
    Optimize ROI on your monthly budget by reducing advertising costs
    Scale up or reduce campaigns for seasonal or behavioral trends

Paid Advertising Channels

Paid advertising is a necessary part of the overall marketing approach for small and medium-sized businesses. Our search engine advertising service channels may include the following channels.

Search Network

When most business owners think of "Google Ads", they are usually thinking of search network ads. Whether performed using Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) or Bing Ads, keyword-driven search network campaigns are a great way to be seen and convert customers online. 

    Make your name appear first when searching organically for relevant listings
    Google search engine advertising can make your brand more accessible everywhere the Google Network can be seen online

Display Advertising

The Google Display Network uses image-based advertising across more than 2 million pages that reach more than 90 percent of internet users worldwide. We incorporate display advertising to make sure your memorable branding, logo, and brand values stick with users as they browse the web. Our display advertising services can be highly effective for immediately increasing web traffic and making your brand more recognizable over time. 

    Image-based advertising that is great for building brand awareness
    Can also be used to display an especially relevant promotion or sale
    Attract your target audience while deepening your brand value and experience

Google Shopping

Google Shopping uses image-based advertising across the Google/Bing Display Network, and is used primarily by e-commerce stores. These ads can appear anywhere on the internet and are designed to draw the eye and capitalize on potentially less than a second or two of viewing time. Google shopping optimization begins with design elements that reflect your unique brand and product, and can be optimized over time with conversion tracking.

    Google Shopping ads can appear on Google shopping, search, images, and the Google Display Network
    Often drives high consideration leads since price, image, and title are upfront


Intelligent re-marketing campaigns target previous website visitors with relevant content. Re-marketing is part of many successful search engine marketing strategies specifically for e-commerce stores, but can play a crucial role in almost any digital marketing strategy when implemented correctly. With re-marketing search engine ads, cost per action is usually reduced, because these types of ads are delivered to what might be considered a "warm" audience.

    Cost per action is usually reduced, because the audience is "warm"
    Effective for all industries and low barrier of entry for small businesses
    Can fit into most digital marketing strategies

YouTube Ads

Deliver in-stream or bumper video ads to users on Youtube's more than one billion user video platform. Youtube video ads are some of the most effective short-form marketing content on the web, and our YouTube ads management services will give you the leading edge over competitors on the platform.

    YouTube ads have potential to reach the two billion monthly active users on the video platform
    Highly effective for reaching younger audiences, with 77% of 15-35 year olds using YouTube

Splurge is your one-stop shop for marketing strategy and execution

Splurge is a full service marketing agency with capabilities in every facet of your marketing.
Many small businesses we partner with combine initiatives for optimal results, including services like:
● Web design services● SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services● Branding services● Content marketing services● PPC advertising services● Social media management services

How to Work with Splurge

Know exactly what you’re paying for, and how it's working for your business.

  • Schedule a free consultation for a custom proposal

  • Miscellaneous 18 final

    Once proposal is accepted, we hit the ground running

  • Results begin as early as month 1 depending on services


Brands We've Worked With

Why choose Splurge as your small business branding agency?

  • 1

    Eyes on the bigger picture

Digital marketing has become a necessity for businesses to survive, and mastering it with a team of experts that put long-term business value first can help your whole business thrive. Whether you want to build richer interactions with your target audience, make a name for yourself in the community, or grow to become an international entity, we're here for you.

  • Focus on driving business value

A more cohesive marketing strategy means more high-quality interactions with your target audience, more relevance, and more sales. We're here to help you build a better marketing foundation and to boost your reputation within your industry. Over time, the positive reviews and consistency will set a foundation for your business that will be difficult to diminish.

  • Industry-leading expertise

With consistency and dedication to representing your brand voice and industry expertise, we'll help you stand out from the crowd. Carefully researched and curated content will give your business value to your target audience, regardless of whether or not they're actively buying. We'll help you build trust with your high-quality leads, and make sure your ideal customer remembers your value to them when they're ready to buy. 

Search Engine Advertising FAQ's

  • What type of results can I expect?

    We'll measure your results in website traffic and conversions. While it's difficult to quantify the scope of success from a social media advertising service alone, you can expect an increase in web traffic, brand awareness, and conversions, which we track over time. The amount of traffic and conversions you'll gain will depend on both your investment and your unique brand position.

  • What is the difference between social media advertising and social media management?

    Social media advertising refers to paid advertising campaigns through social media. Splurge's social media management service includes only organic content such as brand awareness content posts and organic posts. Free, organic content publishing is also a great way to connect and build trust with your current and potential clientele.

  • What advertising budget do you recommend starting with?

    The U.S. Small Business Association recommends businesses that earn less than $5 million per year allow 7-8 percent of their marketing budget for advertising. The amount we recommend you spend on advertising will depend on unique aspects of your business, included but not limited to your revenue and product or service prices. We’ll also consider your brand goals, scaling needs, growth stage, and target audience.

  • How do I know which social media channel I should focus on?

    Different social media platforms have different strengths and weaknesses depending on your social strategy. Each social platform is used by a unique demographic that may or may not fit your target audience profile.

    Your dedicated social media manager will take into account your brand position and ideal customer to filter through the social media networks and decide where to build your social media presence.

    We'll evaluate every aspect of your brand personality and business goals to determine which social media channels and social media marketing strategies are best for your business to focus on. Get started by talking with our marketing team today.

  • Should I hire a social media advertising agency?

    You might be hesitant to shell out money for a social media marketing company considering anyone can own and create content with a social media profile for free. But researching best practices and creating relevant, brand-specific content alone will take a large time or monetary investment. A good social media marketing agency will make sure your social media advertising is relevant to real-time internet queries and interest, track brand consistency across advertisement copy and graphics, and improve your overall social presence with optimization over time.

  • How do you make content for my business?

    We'll start by getting to know your brand values, goals, and voice. We'll interview you to understand your scaling needs, creative tastes and vision for your brand's future. After we build that foundation, we'll research your industry's market and curate content to the social media platforms that reach your specific target audience.

    Still have questions? Want to see what Splurge media can do for the value and growth of your business? Get in touch with us today to get a customized proposal for meeting all of your marketing and scaling needs.

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