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Social Media Advertising Service

Want to make the most of your online presence? Our social media advertising services offer high visibility and immediately drive both traffic and leads. 

Social media ads that make your target customer excited for more.

The vast majority of ads are ignored by most people, most of the time. 
But the right social media marketing agency can create a campaign that touches at the heart of a problem your ideal customer is having.
And that’s exactly our goal with social media advertising. At Splurge, we create customer-centric advertisements that meet your customers where they are, with the solution they crave.

  • Meaningful website visits from your target audience

  • Increased brand visibility and brand awareness

  • New revenue from recurring and existing customers

Data-Driven Decision Making

Why guess when the data never lies? We use combined KPI measurements to optimize advertising campaigns for the best return on your investment.

    Know exactly how your money is being spent
    Attract your target customers with greater efficiency and precision
    See continuous improvement over time with data tracking

Consumer-Centric Campaigns

Your business revolves around your customers, so why shouldn’t your advertising? We use cutting-edge, consumer-centric strategies to draw your audience to your site.

    Meet your customers on the social platforms where they're most active 
    Speak with your ideal customer in their language
    Signal a value match with on-brand graphics and communications

Custom Audience Creation

We build custom audiences based on your persona, carefully selecting interests and keywords that will find your potential customers at the right time.

    Present your niche audience with content that fits their feed
    Continuously grow and define your product-specific audiences
    Increase efficiency of your ad campaign as audience grows more accurate

Measurement and Reporting

Advertising is never a “one-and-done” effort, and the perfect social media ad campaign does not exist. We strive through advanced analytics to optimize each advertisement for optimal results on each social media channel, on an ongoing basis.

    Maintain a transparent view on your campaign progress
    Optimize content and campaigns over time
    Scale campaigns for seasonal or behavioral trends

Drive real business value with an integrative marketing approach

Social media marketing cannot exist on an island. Here's how social media advertising fits into the digital marketing conversion flow. 

Converting interest to purchases is rarely as simple as a one-time site visit. That's why many small businesses incorporate several areas of digital marketing in their advertising initiatives and investment. Some of these initiatives include search engine optimization (SEO), website configuration and upkeep, and relevant, accessible blog posts.

Customizable marketing plans based on your needs and current creative resources

Already have an active ad account and just want an audit? Need to start an ad account fresh and kickstart one or more campaigns? As a social media agency, we create custom solutions based on your current position, so we can work with you no matter where you're starting from. 

  • Self-Employed

    Separated business/personal


    Include free updates and new features


  • Simple Start

    Separated business/personal


    Include free updates and new features

    Download online banking

    Free telephone and online support

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  • Essential

    Separated business/personal


    Include free updates and new features

    Download online banking

    Free telephone and online support

    Automatic data updates

    Strong encryption protect

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Simple Start


  • Separated business/personal




  • Include free updates and new features

  • Download online banking

  • Free telephone and online support

  • Automatic data updates

  • Strong encryption protect

One Social Network Does Not Fit All

Our social media marketing strategies are always customized because your customers are unique to your business. Depending on your audience, we may test social media advertising campaigns on the following social networks. 

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most popular social media platform for businesses to advertise on. Facebook marketers consistently return to it because with the right Facebook marketing strategies, marketing on Facebook can provide one of the best returns with the most number of ad campaign creation options. 

    Advertising on Facebook means being able to target niche audiences
    80% of the world's internet users are on Facebook
    Facebook marketing for small businesses maintains one of the lowest CPC (cost per click)

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so many of the social media marketing options that apply to Facebook, also apply to Instagram. The difference is that Instagram operates on a completely different type of content, and attracts a separate demographic. The best way to market on Instagram is by carefully curating video and image content to interact with your target audience and draw ideal customers and high-quality leads to your website. 

    Roughly 80% of Instagram users will act on an ad at some point
    Paid advertising on Instagram allows for more than 10 content formats
    More than 1 billion Instagram users are active monthly

Twitter Advertising

Advertising on Twitter means advanced audience and ad targeting to reach a more sophisticated, tech-savvy demographic. Twitter advertising is cost-effective and broadly reaching across online shoppers.

    Twitter maintains the lowest CPC of any social advertising platform
    With 400 million active users, Twitter is the 17th largest social platform
    There are very little restrictions and rules around Twitter marketing services

LinkedIn Advertising

Marketing on LinkedIn is a great fit for targeting specific job positions and industries with niche advertising content. As a LinkedIn marketing company, our focus is to create advertisements that fit into the LinkedIn feed and excite your customers into action.

    The total LinkedIn marketing audience has grown 25% from 2019-2021
    LinkedIn remains the most trusted of all major social platforms by users
    Advertising on LinkedIn is the best way for finding leads via social media advertising

Know Your Ideal Customer?

Our social advertising service will bring them to your website ready to buy. You can make the right ad and put it on the right social channel, but nothing matters until the right person sees it.

Creating a custom audience 

Creating a custom audience helps your social media campaign reach exactly the consumer you intend to: the informed customer who's ready to buy. This customer has qualified themselves by displaying interest in your product category or by interacting with your brand online. We make building this audience easy by gathering customer data that you either already have or that we can collect for you. Great content should be appreciated. We'll help build the perfect audience from your target markets to receive it. 

Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting campaigns can be built based on where your potential or previous client is in the marketing funnel and buying process, as well as how they interact with your brand. Retargeting can include generating content to be delivered to members of your target audience based on triggering actions online. Just filled out our online opt-in form? We've got content for that. Abandoned a shopping cart? We know exactly how to retarget and bring your client back to your products and services page. 

Online Behavioral Data Collection

Online behavioral data collection can work for you in other ways too. Once you've identified your target audience, you can look beyond that audience to see which online shoppers have similar buyer profiles to your target audience. You can also use look-a-like modeling to find and influence an audience that exhibits similar online consumer behavior as your target audience. 
● Custom audience creation
● Retargeting campaigns
● Look-a-likes and audience manufacturing

Transparent Pricing & Reporting

You know exactly what you’re paying for, and whether or not it's working for you.

1. Strategy & Execution

From the moment we launch your new digital marketing campaign, we'll be monitoring and analyzing its impact on your leads and your revenue. We faithfully continue to monitor that data so find out exactly what's working for your business, and what doesn't. That data helps us adapt and develop your marketing strategy to better meet the needs of your brand. 

2. Optimizations & Improvements

Following lead generation information and other data, we track your marketing budget spending all the way through the funnel, as it generates new revenue for you. We understand that your business and scaling goals are unique to your business, so every marketing effort we make will have those end goals in view. We'll show you from start to finish how effective marketing becomes new leads and higher revenue.

3. Data & Analytics

The data we use to learn about your business's digital marketing needs is available to you too. We'll identify behavioral trends within your target audience to learn about their specific needs, and you can too. We provide a marketing plan proposal before we get started, and are always transparent about the ways in which we make your marketing budget work for you.● Frequent and consistent reporting● Tying it back to the end business goal● Always know where your money is going

Brands We've Worked With

Why choose Splurge as your social media advertising company?

Eyes on the bigger picture

Digital marketing has become a necessity for businesses to survive, and mastering it with a team of experts that put long-term business value first can help your whole business thrive. Whether you want to build richer interactions with your target audience, make a name for yourself in the community, or grow to become an international entity, we're here for you.

Focus on driving business value

A more cohesive marketing strategy means more high-quality interactions with your target audience, more relevance, and more sales. We're here to help you build a better marketing foundation and to boost your reputation within your industry. Over time, the positive reviews and consistency will set a foundation for your business that will be difficult to diminish.

Industry-leading expertise

With consistency and dedication to representing your brand voice and industry expertise, we'll help you stand out from the crowd. Carefully researched and curated content will give your business value to your target audience, regardless of whether or not they're actively buying. We'll help you build trust with your high-quality leads, and make sure your ideal customer remembers your value to them when they're ready to buy. 


  • What type of results can I expect?

    We'll measure your results in website traffic and conversions. While it's difficult to quantify the scope of success from a social media advertising service alone, you can expect an increase in web traffic, brand awareness, and conversions, which we track over time. The amount of traffic and conversions you'll gain will depend on both your investment and your unique brand position.

  • What is the difference between social media advertising and social media management?

    Social media advertising refers to paid advertising campaigns through social media. Splurge's social media management service includes only organic content such as brand awareness content posts and organic posts. Free, organic content publishing is also a great way to connect and build trust with your current and potential clientele. 

  • What advertising budget do you recommend starting with?

    The U.S. Small Business Association recommends businesses that earn less than $5 million per year allow 7-8 percent of their marketing budget for advertising. The amount we recommend you spend on advertising will depend on unique aspects of your business, included but not limited to your revenue and product or service prices. We’ll also consider your brand goals, scaling needs, growth stage, and target audience.

  • How do I know which social media channel I should focus on?

    Different social media platforms have different strengths and weaknesses depending on your social strategy. Each social platform is used by a unique demographic that may or may not fit your target audience profile. 
    Your dedicated social media manager will take into account your brand position and ideal customer to filter through the social media networks and decide where to build your social media presence.
    We'll evaluate every aspect of your brand personality and business goals to determine which social media channels and social media marketing strategies are best for your business to focus on. Get started by talking with our marketing team today.

  • Should I hire a social media advertising agency?

    You might be hesitant to shell out money for a social media marketing company considering anyone can own and create content with a social media profile for free. But researching best practices and creating relevant, brand-specific content alone will take a large time or monetary investment. A good social media marketing agency will make sure your social media advertising is relevant to real-time internet queries and interest, track brand consistency across advertisement copy and graphics, and improve your overall social presence with optimization over time.

  • How do you make content for my business?

    We'll start by getting to know your brand values, goals, and voice. We'll interview you to understand your scaling needs, creative tastes and vision for your brand's future. After we build that foundation, we'll research your industry's market and curate content to the social media platforms that reach your specific target audience. 
    Still have questions? Want to see what Splurge media can do for the value and growth of your business? Get in touch with us today to get a customized proposal for meeting all of your marketing and scaling needs.

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