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Reimagining growth for the fastest-growing home services company in Northern, NJ.




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● Google Search Campaign delivered close to 1,000 New Client visits in the Quarter at an avg Cost-per-Click of $1.50● Facebook Campaign reached close to 20,000 prospective clients in NJ in just 8 weeks. ● The new website delivered a 20% Conversion Rate for new leads
● Search engine visibility

The Brief

A passionate Home Services company focused on Heating, Air-Conditioning, Plumbing, and Drain Cleaning enchanting clients one at a time. With an unwavering focus in customer excellence, Infinite Comfort has developed a strong business built around core values that is winning hearts and minds of homeowners throughout New Jersey.
Infinite Comfort approached us with a unique and exciting challenge of taking the business to the next level. It’s founder knew that the company had something special– an unwavering focus on client experience and satisfaction. What he needed was the brand, messaging house, and platform to communicate it. The challenge here was unique– a truly blank canvas to implement back-office systems like an enterprise email and data management solution, new brand identity, all the way down to the brochures and sales materials to close deals and the “the last mile.” The idea was to deliver an amazing end-to-end solution that enchanted clients at every touch-point.

Infinite Comfort Website Design and Development by Splurge Media

The Solution

A full end-to-end digital solution was developed and launched for Infinite Comfort. Central to the process was the establishment of a strong and scalable brand that can easily translate into any screen size, platform, and offline environment. The new brand is easily recognizable and memorable--the key to recurring client work. In addition, we did a full website overhaul including graphics work, content strategy, copywriting, social proof & reviews, and complete user journey development to ensure lead generation. We also developed and implemented back-office systems such as the enterprise email system and data management solution. Lastly, we designed and developed a custom social media and advertising creative templates, recruitment campaigns, and email marketing strategies. The approach was a full 360-degree overhaul of its communications system to ensure the company's growth for many years to come!
Website Design and DevelopmentThe website had a few key objectives: reinforce the company's culture of excellence and optimum customer satisfaction, clearly define the company's home services, motivate visitors to engage in the different user journeys, and most importantly, submit a request for service. The website is fully responsive to mobile devices to ensure visitors can also contact the company via their mobile phones.
Branding and LogoWe wanted the company's new logo to be unmistakable, memorable, and true to the company's core values. The final brand identity encompasses all these key brand traits while maintaining a minimalist approach that can easily translate to multiple platforms and applications both online and offline. Infinite Comfort also received strategic brand guidelines to ensure brand consistency and reinforce brand recall.
Marketing MaterialsOur work didn't stop there. We also reimagined and redesign all offline customer touchpoints and promotional materials. From company brochures to maintenance program booklets, to magnets to place on the equipment to promotional yard signs, all touchpoints received the new brand language and design to ensure consistent messaging and identity. Other areas we redesigned was the company letterhead, uniform design, employee ID badges, and even their service vans design.
Social Media and Digital MarketingWe also put together a marketing plan for the company for its social media platforms and digital marketing strategy. With the new brand and renewed energy, it was now time to share this with its target audience and clients. With branded social media templates and digital advertising campaign, we efficiently and effectively delivered consistent traffic and business for the company.
Search Engine OptimizationInfinite Comfort operates within a segment of the industry that's driven very intensely by effective SEO. Thus, we made sure all the website content, social media, and email marketing content along with all respective copy are all optimized for optimum search engine visibility. We made sure that Infinite Comfort ranked for the most targeted keywords for this particular its industry in search engine results.

Our Work

Infinite Comfort Brand Design and Identity by Splurge Media
Infinite Comfort Brand Design and Identity by Splurge Media
Infinite Comfort Social Media Marketing and Design by Splurge Media
Infinite Comfort Brochure Design and Graphic Design by Splurge Media
Infinite Comfort Brochure Design and Graphic Design by Splurge Media
Infinite Comfort Flyer Design and Graphic Design by Splurge Media

The Results

After the project was completed, Infinite Comfort received all the boost it wanted and more. We were able to effectively communicate the company’s new brand identity and image throughout all customer touchpoints. As a result, traffic and sales increased significantly. And with the increased reach of the company's marketing efforts, there's no doubt that more clients' homes will become infinitely more comfortable - thanks to Infinite Comfort.

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