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The leading government contracting consultancy gets a complete brand makeover and renewed digital marketing focus.


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● 40% Increase in Unique Visitor Traffic month-over-month ● 60% Increase in Organic Search Engine Traffic● A new source of client leads and Inquiries

The Brief

With more than 42 years of experience in government contracting, Certified Contract Solutions, LLC provides highly qualified and experienced talent to address contracting issues and challenges for businesses of any size. They are committed to partnering with both government and business institutions to successfully administer proposals, meet compliance, disputes and closeouts.
However, after years of declining sales and missed business opportunities, CCS came to us with a goal: help the stakeholders transform, modernize, and monetize the business for the future. It was clear to them that their outdated and inconsistent brand identity, confusing product offerings, and disjointed user journeys had to be improved in order for the business to thrive in today’s digital economy. CCS wanted a fresh start with a new brand that would not only communicate the decades-long experience and industry differentiator but would also communicate the mission and vision consistently across all screens and devices. A renewed focus on the customer experience that would consistently communicate its brand value across all consumer touchpoints.

Certified Contract Solutions Brand Graphic Design by Splurge Media

The Solution

Before any of the marketing work began, we first took a step back to truly understand the business. The strength of any brand is how accurately we can communicate the brand fundamentals. Working closely with leadership after several months, we were able to define the purpose, vision, mission, and core values. Once those were defined, we tackled the business strategy with a focus on audience research, how we would package the company’s services, define the sales funnels, and desired conversions. All this strategic and consulting work was done before any design work began!
With our fundamentals organized, it was time to identify the business needs—both back-office and public-facing. With our research and marketing plan in place, it was time to start designing and delivering some exceptional digital marketing work!

Branding and Identity

How do you communicate 42 years of government contracting experience and the brand's fundamental message in a logo? That was the challenge for our diverse team of designers and marketers.

After several design iterations and extensive research, we defined the future brand for CCS as you’ll see below. A unique brand that was not only versatile on and off screens but delivered a strong message of what CCS is and stands for. The brand guidelines equipped the business with the suggested rules and guidelines on how to use/apply the brandmark ensuring consistency in all formats and customer touchpoints. We then designed all the business’s communication touchpoints: business cards, stationery (letterhead, presentation templates, etc.), e-book and publication covers, social media creative templates, promotional video development, and so much more.

Web Design & Development

The old CCS website did not accurately reflect their business ambitions, services, and solutions. To correct this, we delivered a modern website design and development with clearly defined products and services were delivered. This new website infrastructure was shaped to encourage visitor engagement, generate new business leads, and inform back-office systems to improve day-to-day operations and efficiencies. 

Search Engine Optimizations

The impact and influence of a brand’s online presence cannot be underestimated. We worked closely with leadership to reorganize the business strategy, client, and audience focus. This defined their positioning and unique differentiators which helped to clearly communicate this online. All this was crafted with search engine optimization best practices and solutions. 

Graphic Design

Design is a significant part of business branding and how a company showcases itself to clients and audiences. Thus, all graphic design, both online and offline, followed the new brand guidelines and delivered memorable and actionable experiences for their target audiences.

Website Before & After

CCS Website After - Web Design and Development by Splurge Media
CCS Website Before-Web Design and Development by Splurge Media
Certified Contract Solutions Brand and Logo Design by Splurge Media
Certified Contract Solutions Brand and Logo Design by Splurge Media
Certified Contract Solutions Brand Graphic Design by Splurge Media
Certified Contract Solutions Brand Guidelines developed by Splurge Media
Certified Contract Solutions Brand and Logo Design by Splurge Media
Certified Contract Solutions Website Design and Development by Splurge Media

Video Editing

We developed a fantastic in-brand promotional video for Certified Contract Solutions to be used for promotional activities and client introductions.

"The Splurge team were EXTREMELY patient, offering both much more in their time and talent than one client deserves. And unlike past agencies, they produced a modern, high-quality page that actually worked! We have since worked together on two additional projects, the last of which involved a complete rebranding of my consulting services business, including logo and supporting graphic material.They contributed significantly to improving the overall marketing, are exceptionally responsive. They also went over and above expectations in the final layout, the addition of a video element, and several other things that have improved the website, it's ranking, and has generated very positive customer feedback."

Tom R., Owner, Certified Contract Solutions


The Results

This project was a full 360 degrees transformation, from back-office systems and business strategy and all the way to the customer-facing promotional material. The overhaul resulted in positioning CCS within the market with an excellent professional niche amongst competitors. CCS is now able to seamlessly engage their target audience with social media and email templates that adhere to the new brand guidelines and identity.

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