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A fast-growing food procurement company expands their business to a digital format and reaches more clients nationally.


Pilsen Foodwww.pilsenfood.com


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● Products and Capabilities now online● A new source of Client Inquiries● Search engine visibility

The Brief

Pilsen Food is a food and ingredient procurement company with national distribution. The company has a very unique offering and has an expert team that supports R&D departments with improving functionalities of specific product formulas and developing customized solutions for top-tier food manufacturing companies.
With growing competition, Pilsen Food reached out to us to help define a digital platform where they can highlight their unique capabilities, products, services, and ultimately generate new lead generation and business opportunities.
Our goal was to develop a responsive and intuitive website that allowed new and existing clients to easily engage with the company, build awareness for their products and services, and increase search engine visibility.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis of the client's business, the industry, and its competitors, we were able to develop a marketing strategy to deliver on the company's goals and objectives. The solution we delivered was centered around functionalities and tools that would enable Pilsen Foods to be highly competitive in its new digital platforms online and offline. We developed an intuitive, modern, and sleek designed website that's also search engine optimized and mobile responsive. The idea is not just to introduce Pilsen Foods to the food procurement industry but to firmly secure and highlight their unique proposition and value to prospective clients.
Web Design & DevelopmentWe developed a new website interface for the company that highlights its expansive national distribution network, white-glove service, and truly expert & technical team. Additionally, we made sure to highlight what truly makes them different-their core values and mission. The website is designed and developed in a mobile responsive platform with clearly defined conversion funnels and user journeys to encourage prospective clients to submit an inquiry.
Content Strategy
Our content development team worked on making the client’s website informative and search engine optimized. We made sure to incorporate the company’s narrative, core values, and mission were accurately and consistently delivered throughout all customer touchpoints.

Pilsen Food Website Design and Development by Splurge Media

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