Marketing Solutions for:Maxine Leopards

A fresh new face and functional website for a B2B company in the competitive medical aesthetics equipment sales industry. 


Maxine Leopards


Rebranding, Logo Design, Messaging and Brand Voice, Design language, Website Build, Maintenance & Management


● Better search engine visibility
● More cohesive branding
● Logo and design refresh
● Succinct brand messaging 

The Brief

Maxine Leopards is a medical aesthetics company providing state-of-the-art medical aesthetic devices and equipment to aestheticians throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Praxedes Molina, a long-time medical aesthetics professional, approached Splurge with a request to refresh and unify her brand, create an easily-accessible guide to her complex, boutique product selection, and reach a more refined audience in the B2B aesthetics space.

Praxedes needed a way to integrate her branding across all customer touchpoints and to give potential clients immediate access to a list of complex aesthetic products while she traveled state-to-state for meetings, aesthetic conventions, and speaking engagements. She also needed a way to help her boutique brand stand out in a crowded industry, with a website designed to target owners and managers of aesthetic practices.

The Solution

We partnered with Maxine Leopards to deliver a rebrand and new messaging that could provide the right information, to the right audience, at the right time. Then, we built a more straightforward, more user-friendly website to help today’s aestheticians find the cutting-edge technologies they need to take their private practice to the next level of professionalism.

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A Branding Refresh

A brand facelift to stand out in a crowded industry

We decided to begin Maxine Leopards’ rebranding work by providing multiple logo types that could adapt to multiple digital touchpoints and various forms of sales collateral. The new logo design could then seamlessly apply to sales brochures, web design, and other online channels while keeping the brand unified and recognizable. We added design elements and a color scheme that would speak to Maxime Leopards’ niche audience and draw the eye to the most critical information on the page. Finally, we redefined the brand’s design language to convey beauty, sophistication, professionalism, and the uniqueness and touch of whimsy inherent to the brand. 

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An aesthetician-friendly website

A website as modern as medical aesthetics

Once we settled on a fresh new color palette, redesigned a more dynamic logo with variations for different mediums and interfaces, and redefined the design language, we were able to apply these features to a simple, sophisticated website. Praxedes needed an easily navigable website to deliver clear, concise information about complex tools, technologies, and products. We applied her new unified messaging and maximized the use of simple design and white space on the page to make this complex information more approachable.

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Unified messaging

Unique messaging and language to match a fresh new brand

As a B2B business in the aesthetics industry, this company needed to reach a specific target audience without drowning in a sea of competition. We redefined the brand messaging to reach this particular audience and convey the business's credibility. Not only were they supplying medical aesthetic devices, but they were also thought leaders in the industry, hosting and participating in webinars and in-person aesthetics events. We defined better messaging for the audience they really needed to reach and applied that messaging to the website redesign.

Our Work

  • Brand Strategy & Messaging

  • Market & Industry Research

  • Website Design & Development

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