SaaS Marketing Case Study for: CloudX

Full-service, integrated marketing strategy and execution for CloudX, a Fintech SaaS company based in North Haven, Connecticut.


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● 31% Increase in Demo Requests from Website YoY● 51.5% Increase in Total Form Submissions on Website● 230% Increase in Contacts Created From Website● 44% Increase in LinkedIn Followers

The Brief

CloudX is a SaaS company based in North Haven, CT that has provided accounting automation software solutions to primarily enterprise businesses since 2011. They came to Splurge with a problem: the business was growing, but their website wasn't producing the number of qualified leads they were hoping for. With competitors ranging into the billions in annual revenue across more than 5 industries, CloudX needed to position themselves to win mindshare in their ideal markets using efficient and effective marketing tactics that could outperform higher budget campaigns.
When they first contacted Splurge in 2021, CloudX was looking for a quote for website development. However, as a one-stop agency for integrated marketing strategy and execution, Splurge saw a deeper opportunity to position CloudX for business value growth into the next decade. Their logo and brand identity had not been updated since their founding in 2011, and placed next to competitors, their brand presence didn't look or feel like an enterprise brand. Splurge pitched a business transformation service that included re-branding plus new website design and development for CloudX. The CloudX team agreed with the vision, and Splurge set out to redefine the presence of CloudX in their B2B finance automation market.

The Solution

We partnered with the CloudX team to deliver a world-class brand and website, as well as execute a full-service, integrated marketing strategy that included SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, sales enablement, and event marketing.
Below you can find details from the project.

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Re-Branding: Creating a World-Class Brand Identity

Designing an enterprise-grade brand to penetrate a competitive B2B SaaS market

Following discovery discussions with CloudX leadership, the Splurge and CloudX teams collaborated at every milestone to develop a simple, memorable, and flexible brand suited to impress CFOs and Controllers on all types of media. With a value-oriented design that set the tone for forward-thinking messaging and conversations, the CloudX brand was now ready to re-enter the market and draw an audience that would immediately associate them with top performers in the market.

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Website Development & Design

Introducing a UX and messaging framework designed for the ideal CloudX audience

CFOs and Controllers do not have time to waste, so we produced a website that got them the information they needed, as fast as they needed it. Starting off with website structure, Splurge produced unique pages for each of the priority areas that their ideal customer would consider: system integrations, case studies, resources, and value pitch by role. By addressing the most important topics upfront, the ideal CloudX customer could spend more time learning about what differentiated CloudX, and less time wondering if CloudX's solution was qualified for their interest.
CloudX's new website increased the website conversion rate by 23%, measured by new contacts divided by session count.

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Event Marketing

A cohesive and professional in-person brand experience

Trade shows and conferences are a primary lead driver for CloudX, who attended 3 in-person shows in 2022. Leveraging the new CloudX brand identity, Splurge developed a multi-piece booth design for CloudX's automotive niche that would be used for relevant shows in the next three to five years.
Splurge also designed a suite of assets including product flyers, a promotional video, business cards, and an integration announcement flyer that extended and deepened the brand experience at each event. CloudX noticed increased traction and interest at each show, gained in part due to their new brand presence.

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Content Marketing

Drafting B2B, niche content to attract and convert CloudX's exact target client by industry, role, and accounting system

The two primary CloudX audiences in 2022 were finance leaders that were 1) in the automotive industry and 2) using the SYSPRO ERP. To target this audience, Splurge produced three comparison blog pieces that aimed to place CloudX in the search results for searches related to the competitive services in question.
These comparison blog posts positioned CloudX in the top 10 ranking for at three highly relevant keyword searches related to each competitive software, making CloudX's name appear on the first page of Google for such searches.

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Social Media Management

Igniting awareness on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Based on competitive research and an expert understanding of channel users, LinkedIn was the apparent focus of CloudX social media marketing efforts. Competitive industry research indicated an opportunity to gain traction by producing social-media-specific content that would exclusively attract their target prospects. We leveraged existing blog content to share insights across their desired audience: by industry, role, solution, and integration. 
With this strategic social media marketing approach, we were able to grow total LinkedIn followers by 44% after only 6 months.

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Sales Enablement

Arming the CloudX sales force with powerful conversion assets

The only button clicked more on the CloudX site in 2022 than a "Schedule a Demo" button was a "Read the Case Study" button. In 2022, Splurge produced 3 case studies that displayed the story of CloudX's success through customized, branded structure and messaging narrative.
In addition to the case studies, Splurge developed seven product brochures that were printed for events and reference via email by CloudX's sales team, contributing to the experience for nearly every new CloudX client gained during 2022.

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Search Engine Optimization

Growing organic traffic and domain ranking through on-page adjustments and website cleanup

CloudX belongs to a highly competitive space, which means that SEO for primary target keywords could be an expensive and hard-fought battle. In order to set CloudX up for success, we performed a complete website audit which identified thousands of errors across hundreds of pages on the site. Over the course of 2022, we troubleshot these issues and improved the website health score drastically, from 39/100 to 79/100.
Following a comprehensive SEO strategy implementation, we saw organic traffic to the CloudX site double including a significant increase in site score and keyword rankings sitewide. See associated image for more details.

Our Work

The Results in Numbers

2022 v. 2021 Year over Year Comparison


Increase in Demo Requests


Increase in Total Form Submissions


Increase in Contacts Created


Increase in LinkedIn Followers

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