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Upgrading a hundred-year-old lock and key brand for another 100 years of success.


Brookline Lock Company


Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Rebranding, Logo Design, Copywriting, Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Sales Materials & Collateral, SEO Audit & Management, Data & Analytics, and Ongoing Strategic Management


● 171% increase in local searches● 57% increase in call volume from local searches● 1110% increase in SEO-indexed keywords

The Brief

Brookline Lock Company was rounding out a century of neighborly service to the Brookline, Massachusetts area when they asked us for help with their brand. The company has grown with technology over the years and now offers hundreds of products delivered with exceptional, neighborly service. They were ready to streamline their online presence and refresh a brand they wanted to last another 100 years.

Brookline Lock’s website has become a massive archive of products marketed to residential customers and commercial organizations, like local colleges, hospitals, and more. They needed to refine their target audience, restructure the data on their existing website, and create a more memorable brand to help connect Brookline residents and entrepreneurs with the lock, key, and exit device products that they were seeking.

In addition to a well-structured website, Brookline Lock needed a brand refresh that would invite a more modern audience to connect without alienating its existing clientele. They required a bolder brand to continue reaching their target audience far into the future.

The Solution

To better connect local consumers with Brookline Lock's products, we knew we needed to conduct extensive research and implement better search engine optimization for the site. Then, we needed to understand the history of this long-standing company and what it wanted to represent in the 21st century and beyond.
We worked with Brookline Lock Company to design a new logo and brand design language that would unify a more modern online presence and help them stay connected with their status in the community.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Connecting a 20th-century company to a modern audience

This company had an established online presence but needed help to reach its online audience. While they remained busy serving the local community, they were ready to connect with more customers seeking their products and services. By optimizing their new website with keyword analytics, better indexing, and a search-friendly copy structure, we increased search engine rankings for 1110% more keywords. This resulted in a 171% traffic increase from local search and a 57% higher call volume from Google search, both within just three months.

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Improving the User Experience

Simplifying the customer experience

Brookline Lock had already withstood the test of time but had a website that was ready for an upgrade. Through the course of Brookline Lock’s history, they’ve amassed an impressive inventory of products, driven by nearly 100 years of lock and key technology innovations. Needless to say, their website was a bit outdated. We helped the company pivot and stand out in a crowded marketplace with new messaging and design language. Then, we designed their website with the user in mind. Now, their streamlined website is ready to carry this company’s legacy for the foreseeable future. The branding and messaging are more unified, and the page is easier to navigate with a friendlier, approachable look.

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Creating a Modern Brand

Bridging hundred-year-old values with 21st century technologies

Throughout its lifetime, the business had expanded and modernized its inventory and service but needed that to translate into a more recognizable brand in the modern marketplace. We redesigned Brookline Lock’s logo and brand design language to create uniformity and portray the longevity and trustworthiness of the business. The new brand design helped marry the updated messaging and streamlined online presence. Now, the website is cohesive, and the company’s logo and branding stand out in both physical marketing materials and digital media.

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Refreshed Sales Material

Connecting and engaging the offline audience

Once we created an easy-to-navigate website with updated messaging, branding, and logos, it was time to market to the offline audience. As a nearly century-old community-centered business, Brookline Lock built a foundation with local neighbors who still see the company as a community pillar. So, we created a series of brochures and sales materials to announce the company’s rebrand and remind offline customers that they’re still valued and will continue to be for many years to come. By segmenting and targeting a more specific audience, we were able to provide commercial customers with detailed but concise product offerings for their particular industry pain points.

Our Work

The Results in Numbers


Increase in indexed keywords


Increase in call volume from organic search


Increase in traffic from local search


Increase in impressions over 3 months

  • Brand Development

  • Brand Strategy

  • Rebranding, Logo Design

  • Copywriting

  • Web Design & Development

  • Graphic Design

  • Sales Materials & Collateral

  • SEO Audit & Management

  • Data & Analytics

  • Ongoing Strategic Management

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