Marketing Solutions for: Green Roots Organic Lawn Care

Re-energizing a fast-growing lawn care service company with a rebrand and full business transformation. 


Green Roots 


Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Rebranding, Logo, Copywriting, Content Strategy, Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Sales Materials & Collateral, Print Mailers, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, Pay Per Click Advertising, Email Marketing.


● 2X Revenue increase● 210% Increase in Lead Generation● 330% Increase in Organic Search● 627% Increase in Brand Visibility

The Brief

Green Roots Organic Lawn Care is a locally owned lawn care services company with a passion for environmentally-friendly lawn care solutions. The company was founded with the goal of improving our time outdoors with fewer chemicals.
Green Roots Organic approached Splurge with very unique business goals and business ambitions. With the growing influence of national/franchise brands in his local market and with their ambitions for future growth and scale, the team understood the need for a strategic and holistic marketing strategy that could deliver the right tools and resources to scale achieve business success.
After several meetings and workshops to clearly define the industry, market, customer pain points, and possible solutions, we launched our full-business transformation work plan that aims to transform every aspect of the business and create the right marketing fundamentals for the future. That meant performing market research on the relatively young industry of organic and semi-organic lawn care, designing a brand identity that positioned Green Roots Organic for long term success, developing a website that could scale with the business, expanding outreach of the company through organic channels, and converting new customers with on-brand advertising campaigns. Most importantly, our full-business transformation delivered on the main objective of this project - increase leads and sales.
Through this brand transformation and marketing initiative, Green Roots Organic would be able to deliver a consistent brand experience across all customer touchpoints, reach a more targeted audience, and better inform them about the importance of environmental stewardship. Most importantly, our partnership meant Green Roots Organic could continue to grow and scale the business to deliver on its mission to create a greener and chemical-free world.


The Solution

We gave Green Roots Organic a full brand transformation, redesigning and reimagining every aspect of their customer touchpoints, marketing channels, and promotional materials.
Here are just a few of the digital marketing improvements we made for Green Roots Organic:

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Market Research

Understanding A Blooming Industry

Once we had a grasp on Green Roots Organic's vision for the business and industry, we had our work cut out for us. We spent time researching both the industry and the growing target audience for Green Roots Organic. We took time to establish contact with more of this audience, and to become a familiar, knowledgeable presence in their digital lives. Not only will Green Roots be able to grow to meet increasing industry demands, but they’ll also be improving their communities by educating one homeowner at a time - all supported by research and data!

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Brand Identity Design 

A flexible identity for the next 10+ years

Green Roots Organic’s vision for the future of the company went beyond its revenue or industry performance. Their passion for a greener environment, community, and family needed to resonate with his audience as well. We decided to reimagine Green Roots Organic as more than just a lawn care company. They’ve become a trusted and valued member of the communities they care for, and their brand character and values translate across aspects of their marketing strategy. 

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Website Development & Design

Focused on UX and back-end Systems Integration

Not only did we improve the look and accessibility of this company’s website, but we also created a more informative and positive experience for visitors. The new website is more user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and well structured, with thoroughly researched and updated Search Engine Optimization. We developed a website that would allow every user access to useful materials without having to make a purchase, and offer them a positive brand interaction with every visit. 

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Social Media Management

Growing an environmentally focused community

Green Roots Organic knew that creating brand awareness and positioning a brand in the marketplace meant being an active contributor on social media. Our social media experts helped Green Roots Organic create brand awareness and new potential customers on Instagram, Facebook, and Google My Business. Through our social media management across these channels, we were able to announce the brand transition, and properly represent the new brand with modern graphic design, and drive high-consideration traffic with succinct calls to action. 

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PPC and Social Media Advertising

Connecting with the right audience at the right time

Even before the website was audited, re-designed, and re-structured we were ready to bring in qualified traffic to see what kind of purchases we could drive. Our advertising experts took to Google and Facebook to set up advertising campaigns for the products that Green Roots was looking to promote. By writing enticing headlines and specific, actionable offers for each service, we were able to optimize campaigns for the best possible results. Once the web and brand redesign was complete, the advertising campaigns were edited and continued to deliver meaningful results and ensure brand cohesion across channels. 

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Search Engine Optimization

Getting to the 1st page of Google

Ranking for top keywords and local searches on Google is one of the best assets a company can have in 2021 and beyond. During the website redesign process, our search engine optimization (SEO) experts strategically wrote website copy that positioned Green Roots Organic for continued improvements in the search engine results page and long-term growth. 

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Continuous Measurement and Growth 

Monthly Optimizations to keep the business on the right track

As we launched the full-business transformation for this company, we continued to monitor all aspects of their new integrated marketing strategy, enabling them with the knowledge to curate their content and approach. We continue to collect data for each aspect of the brand transformation, allowing the business to continue growing and adapting long into the future.

Before & After

Our Work

The Results in Numbers


Increase in business revenue in 6 months


Increase in local lead generation


Increase in search engine visibility


Increase in brand visibility & awareness

"I absolutely love their passion for marketing. As a business owner, I know that passion for your product offering will differentiate you from other competitors. I can tell you with extreme confidence that Splurge LOVES what they do and will never back away from a challenge. That is super critical when you are a small business competing with larger businesses with larger budgets.
Their passion also drives their expertise and they have a full staff with a wide array of expertise across digital ads, content writing, branding, web design, email campaigns, etc so you will never need to outsource any marketing projects to any other company. This is super critical since it keeps your marketing eco-system consistent across all channels and allows you to compete with larger businesses."

Jose G., Owner, Green Roots Organic Lawn Care


Green Roots Organic has now established a much stronger brand through deeper connections with its target audience and a more visible online presence. It now has clear digital marketing pathways for nurturing client relationships and educating the community. We facilitated high online visibility and uniformity in tone, voice, and values across all digital platforms by first getting to know the business owner and his vision. This will ensure Green Roots Organic remains a trusted neighborhood expert across the state of New Jersey and beyond. 
Below is a complete list of areas that we influenced for Green Roots Organic:

  • Market & Industry Research

  • Brand Strategy & Messaging

  • Logo & Branding

  • Brochures & Sales Collateral

  • Truck & Van Design

  • Website Design & Development

  • CRM & Back Office Systems Integration

  • Full-suite of Search Engine Optimization

  • Business Listing Management

  • Email Marketing & Manegement

  • Social Media Management

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising & Management

  • Reporting & Ongoing Strategic Management

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