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Search Engine Optimization Services for Small Business

Take over the front page of Google with crafty, proven SEO services for small businesses.

SEO for local businesses and small businesses

Google's search algorithms make it hard for small business owners to outrank competitors with wider reach and deeper pockets.
That's where a crafty, holistic SEO strategy can turn your weakness into your biggest strength.
Splurge's professional SEO services focus on the keywords and search volume that your company can win, gaining you more organic search traffic and conversions from major search engines over time.

  • Partner with experts who specialize in small business SEO

  • Win front page real estate in both niche and mainstream search results

  • Generate long-lasting revenue and real business value from organic search rankings

300% in revenue growth following SEO implementation

In 2020, Splurge partnered with Strong Hardwood Floors to build an SEO optimized, mobile-responsive website for their small business.

    300% increase in Revenue 
    120% Increase in Organic Search
    165% Increase in Website Traffic
    210% Increase in Lead Generation

The Splurge team has been an incredible marketing partner to our business. After the full brand transformation, new website, and all marketing activities they support with us monthly, we have consistently doubled in size every year.
- Junior Cunha, Founder, Strong Hardwood Floors


SEO built to outrank and outlast competitors

Advanced SEO Auditing

Advanced SEO auditing includes extensive market research and a thorough understanding of your business and long-term goals. This audit will determine current relevance to your audience and direct effective SEO campaigns to build results through time.

    See a customized ranking report for your current website based on competitor's rankings and industry keywords
    Access the exact phrases you can use to rank higher on organic search
    Better understand the needs of your target audience

Deep Competitive Research

Every competitor in your industry is fighting for the first page on Google. Through competitive keyword research, we grow to deeply understand where your business ranks in comparison with competitors, and how you can position yourself to win.

    Outrank competitors in mainstream and niche searches
    Soak up traffic from buyers with the most commercial search intent
    Understand your position against competitors and where our SEO services are taking you in comparison

On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO means enhancing the experience of each of your pages for optimal search engine ranking. On-page SEO can be optimized for both search engines and the human eye, and our SEO agency helps businesses succeed at both.

    Increase conversion rate of top ranking pages
    Provide the best content quality and experience, while being set up to succeed on Google
    Connect your SEO initiatives into your digital marketing strategy and goals

Backlinking, Business Listings & Domain Authority Growth

Backlinking tactics, business listing creation, and ultimately domain authority growth are crucial for building credibility on Google and reaching a wider audience across all relevant searches. Our SEO services can include link building through popular business listing directories, social networks, and high-quality content creation. 

    Drive long-term business value by growing domain authority through white-hat, off-page SEO efforts

    Enjoy increased organic traffic across all relevant keyword searches


Splurge is your one-stop shop for marketing strategy and execution

We provide a wide range of services to meet even the most daring requirements.

Splurge is a full service marketing agency with capabilities in every facet of your marketing.
Many small businesses we partner with combine initiatives for optimal results, including services like:
● Web design services● SEO services (Search Engine Optimization)● Branding servicesContent marketing services● PPC advertising services● Social media advertising services● Social media management services● Email marketing services

Partner with our team to improve your SEO

Let our SEO experts increase the visibility and discoverability of your products or services.

Long-term revenue growth from Google

Let's face it, Google search results run the internet. Leveraging all of the metrics Google uses to measure your search worthiness, our SEO services help elevate your listing for the most important searches.

Revenue growth from organic SEO

SEO is a long-term investment that pays off exponentially over time. Why? Because the more Google likes your business, the more Google visitors get to see your website. Increasing organic traffic through compelling content is the most desirable way to grow a business, and our SEO optimization services will prepare your business with long-term scalability. 

Rising above competitors

Understanding your competitors through carefully tracked and professionally analyzed SEO data can help you avoid their mistakes. It can also show you what's working and what your shared target audience responds best to. Gain a competitive edge with full-spectrum analysis of your peer's web performance through our optimization services for small business.

How to Work with Splurge

Know exactly what you’re paying for, and how it's working for your business.

  • Schedule a free consultation for a custom proposal

  • Once your proposal is accepted, we hit the ground running

  • Results begin as early as month 1 depending on services


Why choose Splurge as your small business SEO agency?

  • Eyes on the bigger picture

Digital marketing has become a necessity for businesses to survive, and mastering it with a team of experts that put long-term business value first can help your whole business thrive. Whether you want to build richer interactions with your target audience, make a name for yourself in the community, or grow to become an international entity, we're here for you.

  • Focus on driving business value

A more cohesive marketing strategy means more high-quality interactions with your target audience, more relevance, and more sales. We're here to help you build a better marketing foundation and to boost your reputation within your industry. Over time, the positive reviews and consistency will set a foundation for your business that will be difficult to diminish.

  • Industry-leading SEO expertise

With consistency and dedication to representing your brand voice and industry expertise, we'll help you stand out from the crowd. Carefully researched and curated content deliver business value to your target audience, regardless of whether or not they're actively buying. We'll help you build trust with your high-quality leads, and make sure your ideal customer remembers your value when they're ready to buy. 


  • How long does it take to see results with SEO?

    Even though you've optimized your site, that doesn't mean its SEO-friendly content is going to gain relevance overnight. Search engine relevance grows slowly over time in accordance with online search queries and whether your content becomes useful and shared within the online community. Tools like images, backlinks, and a user-optimized (and mobile device compatible) webpage will increase your online visibility and contribute to your search engine relevance over a period of about 6 months. Typically, that's when you'll begin seeing the results of SEO.

  • What is the difference between on-site SEO and off-site SEO?

    Search engine optimization in general refers to the measures used to make your website easily navigable, and easily searchable. "On-site" SEO refers to the changes you can make within your own website to make it easier to navigate and navigate to. "Off-site" SEO refers to the optimization that occurs outside of your webpage, in order to make your site easier to find. 

  • What advertising budget do you recommend starting with?

    The U.S. Small Business Association recommends businesses that earn less than $5 million per year allow 7-8 percent of their marketing budget for advertising. The amount we recommend you spend on advertising will depend on unique aspects of your business, included but not limited to your revenue and product or service prices. We’ll also consider your brand goals, scaling needs, growth stage, and target audience.

  • What is competitor research?

    Competitor research means understanding the market and your competitors, including their marketing approaches, SEO and keyword usage, and social media tactics in order to maintain a competitive market edge and visibility in search engine rankings. Competitor research begins by understanding who your true competitors are, not based solely on product or services offered, but based also on the market, your respective target audience, and brand goals.

    We do competitor research before laying the foundation of any digital marketing campaign or SEO project, so you can better understand how to keep your brand relevant and profitable in both your local economy and the virtual world.

  • What are landing pages and how are they useful?

    A landing page is a portion of your web content meant to capture visitor data, or complete some other call to action. It drives traffic to websites within the industry by using specific, relevant keywords. These pages are typically designed to build brand awareness and trust with the target audience by providing valuable information to the searcher, usually in exchange for the user's email address and willingness to continue contact with the brand, including with more content relevant to the user's search. They're useful because they initiate the connection between brand and potential customer without overwhelming the user with obvious sales tactics. 

  • What can SEO do for my business?

    There are many benefits of SEO practices for both established and budding businesses. A few of the most obvious are that they'll give site visitors a more positive experience with your business, they'll make your page more user friendly, and they'll help you maintain relevance online while scaling your business. SEO will help generate more leads and close more sales than a suboptimal website does. It also helps establish brand awareness and encourages visitors to visit your physical location after viewing the page. Contact our team of experienced SEO marketers today to learn more about what SEO can do for your business. 

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