Marketing Solutions for: Maya's Cake Cartel

An exciting new brand for an inspirational young entrepreneur. This fast-growing cupcake shop has the keys to success.


Maya's Cake (coming soon)


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● The website now showcases the company's products and capabilities catalog● Increase in Client Inquiries● Search engine visibility● Brand consistency across all touchpoints

The Brief

This company and the young entrepreneur behind it embarked on a bold journey during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Maya’s Cake Cartel created single-serve cakes and other treats to encourage socially distanced celebrations to continue all year. The company’s founder was looking for a fun, minimalist way to create uniformity and appeal within her rapidly growing business. Her personalized and customizable treats were an instant hit, and she needed a branding strategy to offer an equally personal customer experience.
Maya was looking to expand her existing customer base through new social media marketing campaigns and other digital marketing tactics, so we introduced some physical and virtual design elements and marketing materials to help this young business take off.


The Solution

Designing a Brand to Grow Into

This company had already been doing some social media marketing and was gaining referrals and new clientele through social media sites. However, they also needed to design and establish a uniform brand across all customer touchpoints, including the social media platforms they were not yet using. Maya’s Cake Cartel needed a unique design concept, standardization within the brand, and to reach a broader audience.
Because the company is so new, and this is Maya’s first business, we wanted to put together a brand concept that she could grow into. The company was already expanding and generating stable income, so it was unclear just how much growth potential Maya’s Cake Cartel might have. We created her brand strategy to reflect her young, entrepreneurial spirit, but to also be flexible and professional enough to reflect her imminent growth.

Branding / Logo / Identity Systems / Graphic Design

Maya needed a brand as unique and rich as her own products. We wanted to create something that would reflect Maya’s drive and passion for the business (at only 16 years old!) as well as the whimsy and celebratory colors and concepts that her products symbolize. Her branding and logo needed to be eye-catching and fun but also needed to be designed for her and her brand to grow into. 
Our design for Maya’s brand became a marriage of charisma and professionalism, and Maya’s Cake Cartel will have many years of success with our final designs. We incorporated clean lines, a bright color pallet, subtle yet fun patterns, and sophistication through minimalism. Maya had some great concepts and ideas for us to play with, and our creative collaboration turned out beautifully. 

Marketing Materials

Once the logo and branding design systems were developed, we got Maya started with a professional, yet eye-catching, business card and company letterhead. We applied the same design system across multiple physical marketing spaces, by designing her company sign, merchandise, and all product packaging. Now her sweet treats come in memorable cupcake box designs, complete with patterned tissue paper. We also created customized menus and optimized her existing social media accounts to reflect the same bold branding.

Our Work


"Splurge Media did the marketing for our business and I am so pleased with the logo and menu designs they came up with. In spite of only meeting online, Splurge Media was so responsive to my feedback and truly captured the aesthetic of my vision. Definitely trust them with your business marketing!"

Maya & Aleny Serna, Owners, Maya's Cake Cartel


The Results

Maya’s Cake Cartel began spreading cheer through one of the roughest years in recent history, and people responded quickly. Now that we’ve established a brand, designed a logo, product packaging, and optimized the customer experience with her brand across all customer touchpoints, she’s ready to take off. 
Maya’s new marketing fundamentals will help her reach a broader customer base and continue to build her exciting new business. We look forward to continuing to support Maya’s success in the near future, as we tackle her website and other social media branding.

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