Marketing Solutions for: Immaculate Conception High School [Concept Only]

Our proposal for Immaculate Conception High School included a full brand transformation, SEO services, and a suite of brand assets.


Immaculate Conception High School


Logo Design, Brand design, Branding Strategy, SEO Audit, SEO Strategy, Print Material Design


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The Brief

Immaculate Conception High School is a Catholic, college preparatory high school located in Montclair, New Jersey and established in 1925. With such a long-standing history of success, approaching a modernization of the school’s brand and communications was obviously a careful task. Our goal was to pitch ICHS a new logo for the school, and show them how the new brand would transition onto print materials. To set the groundwork for the project, we analyzed the market and local competitors in the private high school market. Once our audit was complete and next steps justified, we made a proposal to leadership that included a new logo and a case for a full suite of SEO services. Although our project was not accepted, we are still publishing the work to show some of our branding and SEO service potential.


The Solution

We pitched a new brand concept to Immaculate Conception High School, which included a new logo and mockups for how that brand would translate across mediums.
Here is how we approach the re-brand.

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Market Analysis

Understanding A Competitive Market

This project required a rebrand to suit both a broad educational and niche private schooling market. We researched top competitive private schools in the area to understand the needs of the rebrand and target audience interests. Based on our research, we knew we needed to create a strong brand with vibrant colors, a professional new logo, and the exciting and proud aesthetic of an established institution and pillar of the community.  

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A flexible identity for the next 10+ years

We took the time to collaborate with ICHS creatively in developing a new logo and new graphic design palette and color scheme. Our new logo and designs were created with the intersections of proud history and an ambitious, exciting future in mind for ICHS. Our modern, simplistic design conveys new brand messaging and promotes feelings of positivity and calmness when interacting with the brand. We applied the new brand design and logos to a portfolio of marketing materials.

We proposed a rebrand for ICHS that involved the storytelling of nearly 100 years in education. Conveying the brand values by using specific brand messaging was one of our goals in appealing to a more economically and socially diverse audience. Our new brand messaging approach was designed to convey ICHS’s trustworthy track record and vision for a more inclusive and equitable future of education. We knew creating a brand as strong as ICHS’s heritage would position them with a very competitive edge among regional private schools.

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Print Materials

Expanding the visual identity to paper

We applied the new brand design and logos to a portfolio of marketing materials including print mailers and brochures. While we also standardized the branding and logo design across all virtual touchpoints, we knew that print materials would be especially important for ICHS’s recruitment and enrollment. We paid close attention to unification of brand messaging among virtual and print materials, with an aesthetically balanced design that delivered information quickly. The color choices and design were also constructed to facilitate a positive and calming reader experience.  

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SEO Audit

Measuring search visibility against competitors

Our initial SEO assessment for ICHS revealed some areas of focus for our project proposal. One of our approaches to higher SEO visibility was in increasing organic search engine visibility and discoverability through more effective SEO keyword incorporation and a better structured online presence overall. Unifying the brand across all social media and webpages and promoting user interaction through more precisely targeted social media posts was another area of interest area our initial SEO audit. We provided a full suite of SEO services as well as SEO Business Listing Management.

Our Work

ICHS needed to showcase its longevity and trustworthiness among a niche market of competitive schools. We positioned them to proudly display that heritage of success while shifting focus to the future of private education. Our portfolio of work for this organization was created with modern adaptability, accessibility and simplicity in mind. 
A complete list of areas of significance for ICHS:

  • Market & Industry Analysis

  • Brand Strategy and Messaging

  • Graphic Design and Logo Development

  • Brochure and Print Mailer Designs

  • Full Suite of Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO Business Listing Management

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